Martha Falvey, Owner of Spoon

I am a proud native of the Pacific Northwest….a descendant of homesteaders who braved the rugged west to settle near Seattle.  Both my parents’ families were in the food business.  I grew up surrounded by beautiful ingredients, passionate cooking, lively entertaining, and hard work.

I’ve lived, cooked, and entertained in Hingham for 30 years.  The first four years, just out of culinary school, I was lucky enough to cook at Michaela’s in Cambridge with Jody Adams. (Rialto, Trade, Saloniki).  I also cooked with MaryAnn and Andy Boothroyd at Saporito’s in between my first three children! 

My last day at Michaela’s was the due date of my first child.  Lots of cooking classes, Breakfasts with Santa, Grandparents’ Day luncheons etc., followed.  Now, with the youngest child off to college and with the encouragement and support from family and friends I’m back in cooking mode. 


The spoons in the photo below belonged to and include the monograms of my mother, grandmother, and some great aunts.  Some spoons also belong to some of my dearest friends who have supported me from the start and have been my cheering squad.  ….so the photo is a thank you and recognition of those women who have taught me how to cook and supported me along the way.  (Tear wipe)