Goodness Bone Broth

What's in it?

Good Bones are the Beginning.

We get our beef bones from local farms like River Rock Farms.  They are free of antibiotics and hormones.  We use bones with the highest level of collagen, protein, gelatin, and essential amino acids.  To make a complex, flavorful broth we use meaty cuts like oxtails, not just bare bones.


Our poultry comes from farms like Copicut Farms where they are raised on chemical-free pastures where they are free to forage for grass, legumes, and insects through all but the harshest of winter months.  This diet means less cholesterol, less saturated, more omega-3, and higher levels of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Chicken_raw copy

Then...All the Best Vegetables.


We use fresh whole vegetables for flavor and nutrition.  Onions, carrots, celery, leeks, whole tomato & mushrooms.  All are roasted for enhanced flavor and richness.  Fresh herbs and organic cider vinegar add to the goodness.

Resulting in a bone broth that has no preservatives, no concentrates, no shortcuts.