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Always something new to taste!

Every month seasonal ingredients inspire new soups.

Our weekly seasonal soups are usually gluten-free, dairy free, and often vegan. We use the finest local produce…from fellow Hingham Farmers’ Market vendors when we can. Family farms all over the country provide us with beautiful dried legumes, and grains. Our soups are rustic and earthy with flavors that just might remind you of places you’ve traveled.

Look for V Vegan, G gluten-free, ND No Dairy.


November 6


Charred Tomato Soup

One of last year's favorites. Charring the tomatoes adds lots of warmth and depth of flavor and color. A classic mirepoix will be the base and lots of fresh herbs will add brightness. Vegan Gluten-free

November 13


French Lentil Soup with Winter Vegetables and Kale

I found beautiful French lentils from a farm in Idaho and I'm super excited to make soup with them! This one will be chunky with the best of winter vegetables available from my fellow Farmers' Market vendors! Vegan Gluten-free

November 20

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Sweet Potato and Butternut Soup with Fresh Ginger and a little Red Curry.

Not too spicy but this will have a note of Thai red curry. Vegan Gluten Free

November 25

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Roasted Carrot Parsnip Soup

Perfect for a Thanksgiving first course or to have around for weekend snacking. I'll roast the carrots to bring our their sweetness and add my all time favorite parsnip. (Have you ever added parsnip to your mashed potatoes? Heaven!). Vegan Gluten-free


December 4

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Winter 3 Grain Soup

I’ll use rices and quinoa to keep this soup gluten free. A classic mirepoix starts this hearty soup and tomatoes and greens add color and brightness. One of my winter go-tos when I have extra rice hanging around. Vegan Gluten Free

December 11

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Roasted Red Pepper and Potato Soup

I found beautiful French Lentils from a farm in Idaho and I’m super excited to make a soup with them! This one with be chunky with the best of winter vegetables…hopefully I can get some from my fellow Farmers’ Market vendors! Vegan Gluten Free

December 18


Vegetarian Minestrone…Ditalini on the Side!

A classic minestrone but with vegetable stock and I’ll put the pasta on the side for all my great customers who need to avoid gluten. Vegan. Gluten Free

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